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Bicycle Accidents

As Cycling Becomes More Popular, Bike Crashes Have Become More Frequent

In the past, you rode your bike to get to school or to go to the park. Today, you may be riding it to work or for fun, exercise or sport. Bicycle riders, like pedestrians, are especially vulnerable as they share the road with motor vehicles. Tragically, a cyclist hit by a car can suffer any number of serious or even catastrophic injuries. In fact, a Maryland Department of Transportation State Highway Administration report stated that there were nearly 600 bike accidents in 2009. Ten of those were fatal, involving mostly children or young people under the age of 17.

If you or your child has been injured by a car, truck, bus, or motorcycle – and if you suffered an injury regardless of severity – you may be entitled to compensation. At Hartel, DeSantis & Howie, LLP, we represent injured cyclists in Annapolis and beyond.

What You don’t Know can Hurt You

As an automobile accident law firm, we know that motorists do not know what to do when they have hit or otherwise injured a bike rider. We also know while the police are generally efficient when it comes to making reports about traffic accidents, they often do not know what to do in reporting bike wrecks.

The Maryland General Assembly passed new bicycle laws in 2010. Here is some information that all bike riders should know when they head out on the road:

  • Bicycle riders have the right of way in crosswalks, when a motor vehicle is making a turn and when the vehicle is crossing a bike lane or shoulder in which the cyclist is traveling.
  • Wherever possible, motorists are required to give bike riders three feet of clearance when passing them on the road.
  • Drivers are expected to exercise caution to avoid hitting a cyclist.
  • A driver must not open a vehicle door in the path of a bike rider with the intent to injure or interfere with the cyclist.

Do not assume that the driver of a motor vehicle has more rights than you. As cars and bicycles share the roadways, both have responsibilities – and if you are injured, you have the right to file a lawsuit to recover damages.

If you have been injured in a bike crash, first get medical attention. Then, if you are able, get the names and phone numbers of witnesses and get the driver’s information including name, address, phone number, drivers license number and insurance ID. Do not talk to an insurance company, agent, adjuster or representative before you talk to one of our experienced bicycle accident lawyers in Hanover, who will advocate for you to make sure you are compensated in full for your injuries.

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