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The High Price of Drunk Driving

DUI charges have serious consequences. Your insurance rates increase, you face possible loss of driving privileges, installation of an interlock device on your vehicle may be required and the fines and penalties can be high. Any time someone takes the wheel of a car after having had too much to drink, they risk being charged with DUI. The most egregious cases involve accidents and personal injury to others. If you are facing a DUI, you need experienced legal representation to help minimize the damage. Our attorneys are qualified to take and successfully fight your DUI charges.

In Virginia, the legal limit for blood alcohol content (BAC) is 0.08. A good starting point for DUI defense is to challenge the BAC field sobriety test results. Not everyone is aware that the tests administered can give false results. This is why challenging the result is a must. Successful challenges may uncover some of the following flaws:

  • Malfunctioning equipment
  • Inaccurate interpretation of results
  • A test that was improperly administered

Questioning the field sobriety test may result in dismissal of the charges, or a reduced charge being filed. When the test results are suspect, it is inappropriate for the prosecution to proceed with their case against you. While not every case will end with an unreliable test result, other defenses are available that can also result in imposition of lighter sentences. A skilled DUI defense attorney is capable of negotiation with the prosecution and can often obtain lesser sentences. Lower fines and shorter probation periods may be obtained for you, causing less disruption to your life.

Call a qualified Virginia DUI defense attorney at Hartel, DeSantis & Howie, LLP to fight your DUI charges. We can help protect your good driving record and low insurance rates.

By Michael A. DeSantis | Published August 27, 2014