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Underage DUI/DWI

Representing Youth in the Metropolitan Areas of Washington, D.C. & Annapolis, MD

If you are under 21 and pulled over for a DWI in Maryland, Virginia or Washington, D.C., it doesn't matter if you had one beer or a six-pack. Because you are under age (the legal age for drinking in all three places is 21), you only need a blood alcohol content (BAC) of just 0.2 percent to be considered a drunk driver. You do not even have to be drunk — you just need to have been drinking. And any detectable amount of alcohol in your blood is conclusive evidence.

At the Hanover, MD law firm of Hartel, DeSantis & Howie, LLP, we believe that youthful offenders deserve a chance and a strong defense when they face DUI/DWI charges. Given the strict underage drinking and driving laws in Maryland, it takes skill and experience to minimize penalties – or to have charges dropped altogether.

We have represented young clients and their parents throughout the region for more than a decade with outstanding results.

Penalties and Options

Maryland has very little tolerance for underage drinking. Penalties for an underage DUI include:

  • Drivers over 18 but under 21 may be charged as adults
  • If it is a first underage DUI offense, your license may be revoked or suspended for up to six months
  • If it is your second underage DUI offense, your license is revoked
  • Those under 21 who violate their alcohol restriction will face mandatory participation in interlock ignition programs or face suspension

As a young person, you do not want to lose your driving privileges or face a hefty fine. You certainly do not want jail time. And most of all, you do not want a criminal record that can interfere with your chances to find a job, get a professional license, obtain student grants or loans – or even find housing.

If you have been charged with underage drinking and driving, it is imperative that you get an experienced lawyer on your side as soon as possible. As your attorneys for underage DWI defense in Hanover, MD, we know the local courts and know what options may be available. In addition to looking for mistakes that police may have made – such as probable cause – we look for options to have cases dismissed and charges dropped.

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It is important that you talk to an attorney at Hartel, DeSantis & Howie, LLP as soon as possible after being charged with an underage DUI/DWI. To schedule a free consultation for personal injury cases with one of our experienced lawyers, please contact us online or call us at (443) 749-5111. Our phones are answered 24/7, 365 days a year.