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Use of HawkEye Infrared Device to Check for DUI/DWI

A California company has created a new tool for law enforcement in the war on drinking or taking drugs and driving. The HawkEye law enforcement system is a lightweight, handheld device that captures a driver's eye behavior on either a computer or DVD. The device is now being used by police officers at select sobriety checkpoints throughout the United States.

The device magnifies and records signs of intoxication in a motorist's pupils by using a special infrared illumination to enhance a motorist's eye response. The idea behind HawkEye is that when a motorist is under the influence, one of the tell tale signs is involuntary eye movement. Also, constricted or dilated pupils, blurred vision, droopy eyelids, and bloodshot eyes are all symptoms of various illegal dugs that can be detected by the device.

However, the device is not without its faults. The major disadvantage of the new device is that its recordings fail to show how the sobriety tests were conducted. The recordings are unable to show if the police officer gave the examination correctly. An incorrectly administered examination could wildly skew the results that are recorded, which would clearly invalidate the results.

Another issue that arises with the new device is its admissibility in court. As the technology is new, it has not yet been taken into many courts. The issue remains as to whether the judges will admit the results of this new device.